Another January Rainier Survival Story

Remember that 66 year old snowshoer who was lost then found on Rainier two weeks ago? Missing snowshoer found alive on Mount Rainier. Turns out another couple was lost that same weekend but no one knew they were missing.

Here’s two tellings of their tale. The first from the News Tribune, Skills, love help Lacey woman, Vancouver man survive Mount Rainier blizzard in a snow cave:

As the third day of searching for a missing snowshoer began at Mount Rainier last week, a man and a woman appeared out of the inclement weather.

When searchers first saw them on Mazama Ridge, they figured the two were fellow rescuers. There were no reports of any other missing parties, and they couldn’t be day hikers because the road to Paradise was closed.

Kiro also reported on it, you can hear from the women herself, Hiker that survived Mount Rainier blizzard shares story:

“It was just normal, kind of overcast. There was a bit of snow. Visibility wasn’t awesome, but it never is usually this time of year up there,” Johnson says.

But it took just a few hours for things to get so thick they could hardly see ten feet in front of them

Mount Rainier Rescue: Scaling Down Operations

After searching for more than a week, Major air, ground search fails to find four missing on Mt. Rainier. Sadly, they’re going to scale down the search operation.

This Associated Press article, As 4 remain missing on Mount Rainier, experts say volcano’s winter charms make rescues tough, takes a little closer look at the allure and danger of Rainier in the winter:

Winter storms on Mount Rainier are frequent, notoriously fierce and obstinate. Crews searching for the missing four people in the past week have been pushed back by winds of up to 60 mph, white out conditions, ice-crusted snow, avalanche dangers and snow depths of between 10 to 15 feet. Avalanche danger, poor visibility, bad weather and darkness can limit searches, experts said.

After Week-long Closure, Mount Rainier Reopens

After tragedy struck Mount Rainier last week, it re-opened today, Mount Rainier reopens after fatal ranger shooting:

On Saturday, small groups of visitors headed to the mountain’s freshly powdered trails to snowshoe and cross-country ski. The flag at the ranger’s kiosk remained at half-staff, and uniformed rangers wore black bands across their badges.

“This is a place to come to be happy,” Allan Evans, a park volunteer from Graham, Pierce County, said after hugging a ranger who was on duty when Anderson was killed. “This is what this park is about. This is the first step to trying to get everything as whole as can be.”

“We need to celebrate Margaret, of course, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want everybody just sitting around mopey,” Evans added.

The snow play area is still not open.

Tragedy at Mount Rainier: Ranger Killed

Yesterday tragedy struck at Mount Rainier, Park ranger’s killing may be connected to Skyway shooting; suspect still at large. This morning an update on the situation, Man sought in park ranger’s killing believed dead:

A man was found dead in Mount Rainier National Park this morning and it is believed to be the suspect in the shooting death of park ranger Margaret Anderson Sunday morning, according to law enforcement sources.

Sources say the body, believed to be that of Benjamin Colton Barnes, was found about 10:20 a.m., but other details, including where exactly the body was found, weren’t immediately available. Authorities coordinating the search for Barnes had said they believed him to be in the Paradise area of the park.

Barnes is suspected in the fatal shooting of park ranger Margaret Anderson in the park about 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning after she set up a roadblock to stop a car that was fleeing another officer.

The Adventure Guy’s Blog has a number of posts on the tragedy if you’d like more details, or Google News.

Rainier Snowshoeing a Go, Snowpark Delayed

Our lack of snow has delayed the opening of Mount Rainier’s snowpark but snowhoeing tours have started up. From the National Parks Traveler, Snowshoeing Season Has Arrived At Mount Rainier National Park:

During the upcoming holiday break, the guided walks are being offered daily through January 1. From January 7 through March 25, conditions allowing, the walks will be conducted on weekends and holidays only. The walks are offered at 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up at the Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center information desk at Paradise beginning one hour before the start time.

Free Turns on Rainier This Weekend

In honor of veteran’s day Mount Rainier National Park is free this weekend!

From the Seattle Times, Fee-free weekend in national parks, forests:

What it means is that you can visit Mount Rainier National Park (photo above) or Olympic National Park without paying the usual $15-per-vehicle entry fee. You can also park at any trailhead in national forests without the customary $5 day pass or the annual $30 Northwest Forest Pass (note that campground fees still apply). Or visit Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge without paying the standard $3 fee.

Are You Worried About Earthquakes at Mount Rainier?

How worried should we be about a “swarm” of earthquakes at Mount Rainier?

Yesterday King 5 reported Swarm of earthquakes around Mount Rainier, Richland:

It may not amount to much, like so many times before, but seismologists are paying close attention to a recent swarm of earthquakes on Mount Rainier.

Data from the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network show at least seven earthquakes in the last two weeks around the mountain.

Don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to be skiing up Rainier when it decides to wake up!