Larry Issues Final Powder Alert

For a brief second I thought “>Larry’s final powder alert would have word of an incoming storm. After all it is rainy in Seattle right now. No such luck! His final powder alert is a recap of what went down this season.

We wound up with the best snow in the country and a well above normal snowpack – especially deep (as a percent above normal) in the Central Cascades: from Stevens to Snoqualmie to Crystal and White. ( Baker is always deep!). The snow was actually deeper in the Central Cascades on April 1st of this year – than last year. You never know how the season will play out – but La Nina did, once again, show a strong and reliable snow affinity for the Pacific NW. Another observation: we’ve had many of these mid-late season snowfall comebacks since 2005 – perhaps a new normal?

Thanks for the alerts Larry!

Larry Powder Alert: The Show Goes On

You shouldn’t be reading this. You should be up at Crystal enjoying the 11″ new overnight.

Anyone last night Larry put out another powder alert, The Show Goes On…:

Expect Thursday morning to bring 5-10″ new, with an additional 5-10″ during the day, again with the SL of 3500- 4500t. By Friday morning 4-8″ of new – SL – 3000-4000ft. Expect 3-7″ new on Saturday morning, but SL drops to 2000ft. Sunday expect a little new with SL near 2000ft.

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Larry Powder Alert for Tues-Thurs

The powder alerts keep coming, what a March! Here is Larry Schick’s latest prediction:

Two storms will provide another round of powder this week. Expect 4-8″ new on Tuesday morning, with new snow falling during the day ( 2-4″) – but easing up – as you ski/board, SL – 2000ft – good quality for March.

Wednesday – good early with 3-7″ new, increasing snow and slightly rising SL later in the day (2500ft) lowering by late Wed night , with 3-5″ new on Thursday morning and a SL of `1500ft, partial clearing possible. I like them all – but lean toward Wed or Thursday.

If you’re thinking of backcountry travel, beware. NWAC is saying that hazard levels are increasing:

Very dangerous avalanche conditions are expected by Tuesday with natural or triggered avalanches likely to very likely later Tuesday. Therefore back country travel in avalanche terrain is not recommended Tuesday.

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Larry Powder Alert REFRESH

Larry is out with a powder alert refresh:

Monday storm in progress, it’s dumping, but strong ridge top wind may be drifting snow in places – SL 1500ft

Tuesday: Epic possibilities with snow easing up, wind eases – snow drifted in spots, SL 500 ft — leftovers from Monday, plus overnight new 5-10″ – excellent quality – except where wind was an issue.

Wednesday: great , increasing snow later and SL start to rise very late – likely after your ski day.

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Larry’s Powder Alert: “Wed/Thur – new snow w/ bluebird”

Larry Schick has a powder alert out for this week. Hopefully this isn’t our last storm :). :

Expect increasing snow in the Cascades tonight easing up by mid day Wednesday. The snow level will be 2500ft. This storm will slightly favor North Cascades (Mt Baker) with an epic 8-15″ of new, while the Central Cascades will have 5-9″ – certainly a “respectable epic” SL of 2500-3000ft. Wednesday, expect snow in progress early, but the storm will be easing up as the day progresses.

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Larry’s Powder Alert: “Mini, non epic”

Larry Schick has a powder alert out just in time for you to figure out your weekend plans, “Mini, non epic” Powder Alert:

The snow level is coming down ,tonight and later Thursday and will bottom out Friday at 2500. Expect 4- 12″ of new. The deeper snowfall favors points north (Baker & Stevens) and higher elevations (Crystal) – but the Summit will get to share the treasure by Friday, as the snow level continues to fall.

Sadly (que the tears with gloomy, forced smile), it was raining up to 5000-6000ft earlier today, but already the SL is lowering. Friday is my pick day, but Thursday will be improving greatly.

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Powder Alert: More Snow – Lowering Snow Level

Larry has a New Years weekend powder alert out, More Snow – Lowering Snow Level:

We have one more storm in the current sequence for this week. The new storm has redemption written all over it – with lower snowlevels finally taking hold. Expect 6- 18” of new snow from Thursday night to Friday night/Sat morning.

The snow level Thursday night lowers from 4000ft to 2500 by early afternoon Friday. The surface conditions on most slopes will greatly improve later on Friday. Everyone will get good dumpage – especially Mt Baker. While Stevens and Alpental may get an extra kick with a grand finale Puget Sound Convergence Zone late Friday concentrating an extra dose of snow Friday night in the Central Cascades.

Catching Up On Powder Emails

I’ve been enjoying an unseasonably warm Christmas vacation in Winnipeg avoiding email because I didn’t want to know if Seattle was getting dumped on. Looks like my fears have been realized! Larry put a Christmas update yesterday and I’m sure all my buddies are now in the mountains:

Now my pick powder days are Monday, Tuesday and maybe Thursday. All those days will have a 2500-3000ft snow level and 2-7″ of new each of those days. Wednesday will have new snow but the snow level may nudge upward to 4000-4500ft, therefore favor mid to higher slopes.

Here’s his earlier powder report from the 23rd, Powder Alert: This time – the real deal.

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Larry Schick: This is Not a Powder Alert

Larry Schick over at Ski Washington sent out another non-powder alert two days ago. I can attest to the lack of snow, I was up at Whistler this weekend and spent more time at Buffalo Bills than skiing:

After an active season starter in November, a stubborn high pressure has been blocking storms. The snow depth/coverage is still near to above normal and we really don’t loose any snow with this cool dry weather, so conditions are steady. The grooming has been outstanding – time to rip up the corduroy. A few thin spots do show up in well traveled areas – so watch for early season conditions.

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