Larry Issues Final Powder Alert

For a brief second I thought “>Larry’s final powder alert would have word of an incoming storm. After all it is rainy in Seattle right now. No such luck! His final powder alert is a recap of what went down this season.

We wound up with the best snow in the country and a well above normal snowpack – especially deep (as a percent above normal) in the Central Cascades: from Stevens to Snoqualmie to Crystal and White. ( Baker is always deep!). The snow was actually deeper in the Central Cascades on April 1st of this year – than last year. You never know how the season will play out – but La Nina did, once again, show a strong and reliable snow affinity for the Pacific NW. Another observation: we’ve had many of these mid-late season snowfall comebacks since 2005 – perhaps a new normal?

Thanks for the alerts Larry!

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