3 Deaths From Stevens Pass Avalanche

Sadly three people (Head judge for the Freeskiing World Tour Jim Jack, 46, Stevens Pass marketing director Chris Rudolph, 30, and Johnny Brenan, 41 a Leavenworth contractor and married father of two daughters) died in a backcountry accident at Stevens Pass Sunday February 19, they were backcountry skiing Tunnel Creek off of the backside of Seventh Heaven.

Here’s a roundup of the most details articles.

This ESPN article is a good account, Stevens Pass avalanche kills three. They interview Megan Michelson (ESPN Freeskiing Editor) and Elyse Saugstad (pro skier) who were skiing with the group about what happened.

PowderMag has details on how the avalanche struck Tragedy Hits Ski World Again:

Jim Jack was the seventh skier to drop in, and triggered a large slab avalanche, Stifter says. According to those watching from above, the fracture started about 30 feet wide and propagated across the slope, leaving a crown two to three feet deep. The slide captured Rudolph, Brenan and Saugstad, as well as a fourth skier who escaped by grabbing a tree. Saugstad deployed an airbag, and was only partially buried with her hands and head free within 50 feet of where Rudolph and Brenan were buried.

The Today Show has an interview with Elyse Saugstad and shows a map of where the avalanche occurred:

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Brian Rosenthal from the Seattle Times was on the scene and tweeting about events, @brianmrosenthal, and wrote a thorough article for the Monday edition of the paper, Four dead in avalanches at Stevens and Snoqualmie passes. They also have raw footage from the King County Sheriff department.

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