1 Death at Alpental

Sadly on February 19th Karl Milanoski died at Alpental, Snowboarder killed in Alpental avalanche was devoted father:

Karl Milanoski, a 41-year-old Seattle man, was swept off a cliff by an avalanche near Alpental, one of four resorts at The Summit at Snoqualmie. The Seattle Times reported Sunday that Milanoski, who was skiing in an out-of-bounds area, inadvertently set off the avalanche, which swept him over a cliff and 500 feet down the mountain.

We were up skiing all day at Alpental today, spent the day almost exclusively on Chair 2 and oddly didn’t hear a thing. The danger was clearly high. It took them until around 9:30 to get Armstrong going, they did a ton of bombing, some of the bombing results in slides 3-4′ deep above Cascade Traverse/Lower International, and patrollers were warning folks to respect all closures today.

A Turns All Year poster pinpoints the location as:

The Alpental accident occurred on the 80’s chute/E.S.A.D. past shot8. From staring out the front window and across the street it looks like a pocket above let loose or was remote triggered and flushed the rider out over ~300-400+ft of near vertical.

Here’s a King 5 video on the accident, Snowboarder dies in avalanche at Snoqualmie Pass. They describe the location as Denny Mountain which doesn’t really pinpoint things.

Update: Here’s the NWAC report on what happened.

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