Another January Rainier Survival Story

Remember that 66 year old snowshoer who was lost then found on Rainier two weeks ago? Missing snowshoer found alive on Mount Rainier. Turns out another couple was lost that same weekend but no one knew they were missing.

Here’s two tellings of their tale. The first from the News Tribune, Skills, love help Lacey woman, Vancouver man survive Mount Rainier blizzard in a snow cave:

As the third day of searching for a missing snowshoer began at Mount Rainier last week, a man and a woman appeared out of the inclement weather.

When searchers first saw them on Mazama Ridge, they figured the two were fellow rescuers. There were no reports of any other missing parties, and they couldn’t be day hikers because the road to Paradise was closed.

Kiro also reported on it, you can hear from the women herself, Hiker that survived Mount Rainier blizzard shares story:

“It was just normal, kind of overcast. There was a bit of snow. Visibility wasn’t awesome, but it never is usually this time of year up there,” Johnson says.

But it took just a few hours for things to get so thick they could hardly see ten feet in front of them

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