Tragedy at Mount Rainier: Ranger Killed

Yesterday tragedy struck at Mount Rainier, Park ranger’s killing may be connected to Skyway shooting; suspect still at large. This morning an update on the situation, Man sought in park ranger’s killing believed dead:

A man was found dead in Mount Rainier National Park this morning and it is believed to be the suspect in the shooting death of park ranger Margaret Anderson Sunday morning, according to law enforcement sources.

Sources say the body, believed to be that of Benjamin Colton Barnes, was found about 10:20 a.m., but other details, including where exactly the body was found, weren’t immediately available. Authorities coordinating the search for Barnes had said they believed him to be in the Paradise area of the park.

Barnes is suspected in the fatal shooting of park ranger Margaret Anderson in the park about 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning after she set up a roadblock to stop a car that was fleeing another officer.

The Adventure Guy’s Blog has a number of posts on the tragedy if you’d like more details, or Google News.

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