Bainbridge Island Ski Bus Back in Action

After a five year back, the Bainbridge Island Ski Bus is back in action taking riders to Stevens Pass and Crystal Mountain. Or so I hear from the Kitsap Sun, Good times on the ski bus:

My first adventure on a ski bus was more than a half-century ago. And yes, all you youthful doubters, the internal combustion engine had already been invented.

It was a memorable experience, largely because Sally Softlips (not her real name) sat on my lap on the way home. That may not seem like a big deal to all you youthful doubters, but back in those days, it was almost as exciting as playing Post Office.

Sally was an ample girl, a high school freshman like me, who for reasons I have never understood, seemed to like me. She was warm and cuddly, and I wished the trip had lasted long

For more info, check out the Bainbridge Ski Bus Flyer.

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