Snow Is Here! 12″ at Baker

King5 has video and pics of snow in the mountains overnight, Snow falls in Washington’s Cascade mountains:

Mount Baker had one foot of snow fall overnight, Stevens Pass had about 2 inches, Snoqualmie Pass a trace to one inch, and Mount Rainier at Paradise about 6 to 8 inches.

Komo has a different take, Snow falls on Washington’s Cascade passes:

About five inches of snow fell at Stevens and White passes, which quickly melted or turned to slush on the roadway.

Wish this snow would have come last weekend for the completion of my turns-all-year quest!

Update: Some footage of the snow.



One thought on “Snow Is Here! 12″ at Baker

  1. Today, a friend and I skinned up to Artist Point from Heather Meadows parking area at Mt. Baker. Really nice, light snow — it hasn’t warmed up and re-frozen yet. Lots of tracks all over the place. And it was busy today — felt like a normal Saturday during the regular ski season with tons of skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers and hikers all over the place.

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