Preparing For La Nina: Preso From KIRO Chief Meteorologist

What: Preparing for La Niña – Rebecca Stevenson, KIRO 7 Chief Meteorologist
Where: REI Flagship
When: November 3, 7-9pm

For you weather geeks out there this might be a good talk to attend! Brought to you by the folks at the Washington Ski Touring Club.

While many are bracing for winter weather, hearty and hale backcountry skiers are embracing a weather pattern that should add on to this past spring’s heavy snowpack.

Rebecca explains the pattern and why “the little girl” is returning to the Pacific Northwest for the second year in a row. She discusses the ideal forecast for winter backcountry enthusiasts and when we might expect them. And for the uninitiated, she’ll demystify the weather map, giving a primer on what all the colors and symbols mean. She will not, however, predict the weather for your ski trip in January.

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