Seattle SkiFever & Snowboard Show

What: The Seattle SkiFever & Snowboard Show
When: October 28, 29, 30, 2011
Where: Washington State Convention Center
Cost: $12 for adults

Whoa, the Seattle Ski Show, is almost here! I’ve never been. But they are advertising a 2 for 1 coupon for Steven’s Pass and Mission Ridge.

Save Up To 70% on Ski and Snowboard Gear from Seattle’s Best Retailers!

Seattle SkiFever is a Giant Ski Show and Sale with all of Seattle’s best Ski and Snowboard Shops!

SkiFever is the biggest and best ski show and sale in the Seattle Area! There are a lot of little ski sales out there but SkiFever is so large that the Washington State Convention Center is the only place big enough to hold our show!

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