$50 Off Jackets at Mountain Hardware

If you’ve been looking to pick up a new Mountain Hardware jacket, now is the time. Bring in your old jacket and get $50 off a new Dry Q Elite one (Dry Q is their version of Goretex.)

Outerwear enthusiasts – it’s “Cash” for Clunkers time – Trade perspiration for appreciation and let go. From October 14th through November 15th, donate your old jacket at Mountain Hardwear, and you’ll get $50 toward your trade-in when you purchase a new Dry.Q. Elite™ jacket. Don’t sweat it.

The donations will go toward the Northwest Center has been a leader in promoting the rights and independence of infants, children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities. By donating your clothing to Northwest Center, you help fund these inclusive programs and services. http://www.bigbluetruck.org/

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