Art of Flight West Coast/Seattle Premier

What: Art of Flight West Coast Premier
When: September 10, 2011
Where: McCaw Hall, Seattle Center

Like every other skier, snowboarder and wannabe I watched the Art of Flight trailer more times than I can remember. This fall having just bought tickets to Attack of La Nina I made a mental note to track down when Art of Flight was coming to Seattle and then promptly forgot to.

Then last Friday I see on Crystal Mountain’s Facebook page that they’re giving away two tickets to Art of Flight. Hmmm. Better check and see when that movie is! Turns out it was going to be on Saturday, one day away. I confirm it isn’t sold out and fire off an email to all my buddies. I was shocked it wasn’t sold out, but a co-worker tries to get a ticket Saturday morning only to find it sold out then.

Now Friday morning when I was walking to work I saw a bunch of spray painted stenciled thingies on the sidewalk but didn’t look too closely at them. Friday evening I’m standing around waiting for a table at Quinn’s and take a closer look at the sidewalk stencils. Turns out they were for Art of Flight. Total advertising fail!

Saturday we grab a bite at McMenamins (slowest service ever) before heading over. In true ski film fashion it takes something like 30 minutes from the stated show time of 8 to get going but at least they had a decent DJ spinning on stage at McCaw Hall. To say that I was looking forward to this movie is an understatement. I was convinced this was going to be the movie of the year. And yes, it was good, the cinematography was great. But, without much in the way of story lines this film took ski porn to the next level but won’t blow away non-skiers.

For a behind the scenes look at the film check out this Outdoor article, The Next Picture Show. (They rented 15 A-Stars!)

And if you missed the show you can grab it on DVD, The Art of Flight.

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